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Allow us to bring your events to life with our meticulous and creative approach to event planning and production. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering unforgettable experiences that exceed expectations. With a streamlined process that combines strategic planning, seamless execution, and attention to detail, we transform your vision into a reality. From conceptualization to post-event evaluation, we guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and successful event. Discover how LIVE IT Productions can elevate your next event and leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

5 Event Production Phases



  • Meet to imagine what your ultimate dream event looks and feels like.
  • Determine the purpose and goals of the event.
  • Identify the target audience and the event’s scope, such as size, theme, and duration.
  • Establish a budget and timeline for the planning process.
  • Choose a suitable venue based on the event requirements and audience size.


  • Secure necessary permits and permissions.
  • Arrange for event services, including catering, audio-visual equipment, transportation, and accommodation, if needed.
  • Develop a detailed timeline and schedule for the event day(s).


  • Create an event concept and theme that aligns with the objectives and target audience.
  • Design the overall event experience, including decor, lighting, signage, and branding elements.
  • Develop a floor plan and layout for the venue, considering the flow of attendees and the placement of key elements.

3D Mock-ups

  • Develop 3D visualizations or mock-ups of the event layout, decor, and stage setup.
  • Use specialized software or engage a professional event designer to bring the concept to life visually.
  • Share the mock-ups with stakeholders and the organizing team for feedback and adjustments.
  • Use the 3D mock-ups as a reference during the planning and execution stages to ensure accurate implementation of the desired event design.

Onsite Coordination

  • Arrange for event registration, ticketing, and RSVP management.
  • Coordinate with vendors, suppliers, and volunteers to ensure smooth execution.
  • Manage logistics on the event day, including setup, signage, audio-visual requirements, and guest registration.
  • Oversee the event schedule, ensuring all elements run according to plan.

Evaluate & Improve

  • Gather feedback from attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders after the event.
  • Analyze the event’s success against the defined objectives.
  • Identify areas for improvement and implement changes for future events.
  • Assess the financial aspects, including revenue and expenses, to determine the event’s overall success.


Why Choose Us

“Thanks to Charlie and the entire LIVE IT Productions Intl. team for producing a successful Launch event for our company. From conceptualization to execution, LIVE IT Productions use their creativity and professionalism to create the most innovative events! They took our vision and brought it to life. We would not have been able to pull it all together without their expertise.”
Stefanie Mogull
Marketing Coordinator, 13th Floor Investments

“We were blown away by the high level of production value and professionalism displayed by LIVE IT Productions International, their staff, and all the vendors they brought on to participate in our charity gala.”

Rob Sena
Co-Founder, The Little Lighthouse Foundation

Dream it. Live it.

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